4-H Sewing Club

The 4-H Sewing Group is open to any youth in 4th to 12th grade. If you like to create clothing or things for your room, then you should join the Sewing Club and learn how to sew.  The program is designed to teach youth the skills of sewing such as sewing machine parts, sewing techniques, and creating new projects. The participants will create a “make and take” project each meeting to show their new skills. This is a tiered program. Youth will have the opportunity to advance to the next level based on completion of a level and competency of skills. Youth will also have the opportunity to compete at the Wilson County Tennessee State Fair competition with items made in this club. This club is filled as first come first serve. Limited availability.

This group meets at various times.

There are fees to participate.

Sewing Level 1 Enrollment Information

Sewing Level 2 Enrollment Information (prerequisite Level 1 Class)

Sewing Level 3 Enrollment Information (prerequisite Level 2 Class)

Sewing Level 4 Enrollment Information (prerequisite Level 3 Class)

4-H Clover Collection

This competition provides 4-H members with the opportunity to show off their clothing construction and sewing skills at the Wilson County Tennessee State Fair.

2023 Clover Collection Entry Form and Results

4-H Fun with Fashion

This competition is a fashion and consumer economics practice for 4-H members. Each participant will choose classes based on their grade as of January 1 of the current year. Participants are allowed to enter one outfit in each class available for their grade level. A script will need to be created for each entry. The script should be based on the scenario for the class.

2023 Fun with Fashion Entry Form, Scenarios, Results

For more information, contact Grace Harville at 615-444-9584