Family and Community Education (FCE)

For more than a 100 years, a network of friends in communities in Wilson County have shared a common goal:

  • To learn through shared experiences
  • To improve home and community life
  • To strengthen adult education
  • To promote projects which enhance family and community life

Through our rich history, we have grown from small community clubs to a worldwide network focused growth through education.

Craft Club meets every first Wednesday of each month and is open to all members and those who would like to join. For more information or to reserve a spot, please contact Carolyn Binkley at 615-449-8228.

 Schedule of fce Club Meetings

First Tuesday​6:00 PMGreen Hill – Night ClubGenevieve Kilga, 615-594-5387
​First Thursday​10:00 AM​Cedar HillGeorgia Franklin, 615-507-9796
​First Friday​10:00 AM​OaklandHelene Cash Singer, 615-627-8487
​Second Tuesday​10:00 AM​Tuckers CrossroadsRegina McCathern, 615-473-8332
​Second Wednesday​10:00 AM​Shop Springs​Laurie Sparkman, 615-587-7364
​Second Wednesday​11:00 AM​CommerceCarrie Shehane, 615-604-5964
Third Monday​10:30 AMNorene​Margaret Edgington, 615-210-1468
​Third Monday​5:00 PM​Southwest Glenda Seay, 615-886-0763
Third Wednesday​10:00 AM​Leeville​Frances Baker, 615-444-4063
​Third Thursday​10:00 AMStatesville​Sara Patton, 615-428-8593
Fourth Tuesday​10:00 AM​Gladeville​Regina White, 615-478-3217
​Fourth Tuesday11:00 AM​Green Hill – Day ClubGenevieve Kilga, 615-594-5387

2024 County Council Officers

PresidentRegina McCathern, Tuckers
President-ElectPenny West, Tuckers Crossroads615-476-3658
​Vice PresidentCaryn Crowston,
​Secretary Sarah Sharp,
​TreasurerCarrie Shehane, Commerce615-​
Hospitality ChairCernovia “Baba” Burns, Tuckers Crossroads615-509-2012
Service Projects & Craft Chair​​ ​Carolyn Binkley,
​Cultural Arts​Wanda Briddelle, Green Hills615-​
​Fashion Revue ChairRegina White,
ChaplainRaymond Burns, Tuckers
Fundraising ChairFrances Baker, Leeville​615-310-1249

Schedule of Leader Trainings

Please note:  Inclement Weather Policy:  If Wilson County schools are closed, all FCE activities are cancelled. The Leader Trainings that are picked up at the Extension office will not be available until the date listed. Please call in advance of pickup so the trainings will be available. Listed below are the leader trainings for 2024 and the month they should be conducted at the clubs:

​Month to be Given               ​Program Title                                                   ​        Date                     ​Location/Pick-up
​JanuaryReducing Stress through Mindfulness        Pick up at Extension Office
​FebruaryDementia & Alzheimer’s Disease January 4​        Pick up at Extension Office
​MarchHosting on A Budget     ​February 26        Pick up at Extension Office 
​AprilTapping Away Stress​       March 25      Pick up at Extension Office 
MayFood Product Dates: Decoding the Label      April 22        Pick up at Extension Office
​June                                     Nutrition Security & Food Waste        ​May 20         ​Pick up at Extension Office
​JulyUnderstanding your Play Personality​        June 24     ​          Pick up at Extension Office
​August​      FREE MONTH
​September                           Foods Away: Don’t Have to be Budget Busters     ​August 26​         Pick up at Extension Office
​OctoberCount Your Blessings, Instead of Sheep    ​   September 23          ​Pick up at Extension Office
​NovemberTBD​     ​          Pick up at Extension Office
​December​      FREE Month

For more information regarding the Family and Community Education Clubs, please contact Samantha Strong, FCS Agent at 615-444-9584.